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Reading list

Fashion and textiles [TOP]

Black, Sandy. (2008) Eco-chic: The Fashion Paradox. Black Dog Publishing, London.

Blanchard, T. (2007) Green is the New Black. Hodder & Stoughton, London.

Earthpledge (2008) FutureFashion White Papers. Earthpledge, New York.

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Oakes, S. R. (2008) Style, Naturally: The Global Guide to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty. Chronicle Books, San Francisco.

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Ross, A. (ed.) (1997) No Sweat: Fashion, Free Trade and the Rights of Garment Workers. Verso Books, New York & London.

Vartan, S. (2008) The Eco Chick Guide to Life: How to Be Fabulously Green. St. Martin's Griffin, New York.

General design [TOP]

Birkeland, J. (2002) Design for Sustainability. Earthscan, London.

Brower, C. & Mallory, R. (2005) Experimental EcoDesign: Architecture/Fashion/Product. RotoVision, Hove.

Chapman, J. (2005) Emotionally durable design. Earthscan, London.

Chapman, J. & Gant, N. (2007) Designers, Visionaries and Other Stories. Earthscan, London.

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Thorpe, A. (2007) The Designer's Atlas of Sustainability. Island Press, Washington, Covelo & London.

Walker, S. (2006), Sustainable by design: explorations in theory and practice. Earthscan, London.


People [TOP]

Kate Fletcher http://www.katefletcher.com
Local Wisdom http://www.localwisdom.info/
Kate Goldsworthy http://www.kategoldsworthy.co.uk
Becky Earley http://www.beckyearley.com/
Alex Martin/Little Brown Dress: http://littlebrowndress.com/
Summer Rayne Oakes http://summerrayneoakes.com/

Research [TOP]

Teach Sustainability http://www.teachsustainability.com.au
Sustainable Living Challenge http://www.sustainableliving.com.au
TED – Textile Environment Design http://www.tedresearch.net/
Demi Web Resource http://www.demi.org.uk
Centre for Sustainable Fashion http://www.sustainable-fashion.com/
Lifetimes project http://lifetimes.info
The 5 Ways project http://www.5ways.info/
The New Economics Foundation http://www.neweconomics.org/

Organisations [TOP]

The Smith Family http://thesmithfamily.com.au/
Fairwear Australia http://www.fairwear.org.au
No Sweat http://www.nosweatapparel.com/
Made-By http://www.made-by.nl
The Clothing Exchange http://www.clothingexchange.com.au
The Environmental Justice Foundation http://www.ejfoundation.org/
Sustainable Style Foundation http://www.sustainablestyle.org/

Online magazines [TOP]

Ecotextile News http://www.ecotextile.com/
The Ecologist http://www.theecologist.org/
TreeHugger http://www.treehugger.com/
Style Will Save Us: http://www.stylewillsaveus.com/
Inhabitat http://www.inhabitat.com/

Companies [TOP]

Elsom http://www.elsom.com.au
Bird Textiles http://www.birdtextile.com/
Rachael Cassar http://rachaelcassar.com/
Flora 2 http://www.flora2.com/
Marks & Spencer Plan A: http://plana.marksandspencer.com/
Mark Liu http://markliu.co.uk/
Materialbyproduct http://www.materialbyproduct.com/
Perfect t-shirt / Luxury Redefined http://www.luxuryredefined.co.uk/
Romance Was Born http://romancewasborn.com/
Globe Hope http://www.globehope.com/
Linda Loudermilk http://lindaloudermilk.com/
Patagonia http://www.patagonia.com
Keep & Share http://www.keepandshare.co.uk/
Del Forte Denim http://delforte.com/
EDUN http://www.edunonline.com/
Katherine Hamnett http://katherinehamnett.com/
Minna Palmqvist http://minnapalmqvist.com/
The Square Project http://4equalsides.com/
Materialbyproduct http://materialbyproduct.com/

Fabrics [TOP]

All Eco http://www.alleco.com.au/
Certton http://www.certton.com.au/
Standardknit http://www.standarduniversal.com.au/
Hemp Wholesale Australia http://www.hempwa.com/
Sustainable Living Fabrics http://www.livingfabrics.com.au/
Bubba Earth http://www.bubbaearth.com.au/
Macquarie Textiles http://www.macquarietextiles.com.au/
i-Merino http://www.i-merino.com/
KimoYes http://www.kimoyes.com/
Hemp Gallery http://www.hempgallery.com.au/
Instyle Textiles http://www.instyle.com.au/
Earth Friendly Goods http://www.earthfriendlygoods.com/
Aurora Silk http://www.aurorasilk.com/
Silk Road Fabrics http://www.srfabrics.com/
Vreseis http://www.vreseis.com/
NearSea Naturals http://www.nearseanaturals.com/
Eco Source http://www.hempweave.com/
Greenfibres http://www.greenfibres.com/
Loop Fabric http://www.loopfabric.co.uk/
Organic Cotton Directory http://www.organiccottondirectory.net/

Blogs [TOP]


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