Fashion garments can be made from renewable and biodegradable fibres, reclaimed materials or materials created through new technologies. Jennifer Shellard explores the use of new technology in conjunction with traditional textile craft skills in her textile pieces. On a hand-woven material base Shellard directs an external computer-animated light, to change and enhance the gradated coloured shard of light on the woven fabric. The viewing experience is both intriguing and meditative as the gradual change in colour is slow and measured.

The possibility that new textiles may contribute to the concept of transformable garments could also provide the designer with the possibility to create clothing that ultimately has an extended shelf life. Garments that can change, adapt or evolve may encourage the wearer to engage on a much deeper level than can be achieved through typical fashion solutions; and in turn may help create a reduction in clothing consumption.

Images: Photography by Silversalt Photography

Website: http://www.fashion.arts.ac.uk/25989.htm

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