Extending the lifecycle of a product, such as a garment, can be achieved through the implementation of product service systems (PSS). A product service system places the focus on both product and service rather than concentrating on the product in its entirety. The customer gains both a product and a service, that can, for instance include repair, alterations, and a take-back scheme once the garment has come to the end of its useful first life. For an industry facing decreased sales in a highly competitive market place this may provide an opportunity for new business growth.

The service provided by tailors like Bijan Sheikhlary, presents the customer with a garment that is made-to-measure, designed in accordance with the individual client’s requirements and made from high-quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship; this may also include an alteration and repair service. The customer is often loyal in this relationship. As a strategy for sustainable production and consumption the product service system applied within the tailoring sector provides a positive case study that could be an inspiration for contemporary fashion businesses.

Images: Bijan Sheikhlary, Bespoke tailor, 2009. Photography by Nick Bassett

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