Monday 11 - Friday 15 August 2008 Open Studio events. A week long introduction to the Studio and its research aims, approaches, history, ideas, infrastructure through installations, hands-on demonstrations of inspirations for new ways of interacting with our electronic environment.


Demonstrations: (Interactive Wunderkammer)

Mixed media reading table

On the reading table several books, papers, flyers etc. are spread out. Picking up an object and holding it near the 'interactivation spot' on the table, triggers a video that belongs to the reading object. For instance, a book can be used to call up the video that goes with it, or create a link to a web site, or start a sound track.


A digital portfolio of previous research projects, from electronic musical instruments to interactive architectural environments. The projects can be navigated and explored with a gesture-sensitive mouse pointer.


Instruments for playing music and video, from purpose built to hacked game controllers such as the Drum ‘n Bass Stick, the sWingman and the gRumble Pad. This demonstrates the use of gestural control of music, and sound spatialisation.


Sensors, actuators and interfaces – demonstrating the latest technologies for developing physical interactions. Opening up the computer and reach inside!

Palpable Pixels

A demonstration of a tactual display – presenting information from the computer through the sense of touch. Using a small loudspeaker attached to a mouse, and low frequency sounds, pixels, textures and other screen elements become palpable.


Interactive Kaleidoscope